Claudio (37) has been a prostitute since 16. With his client Alex (33) they look through a window in a motel located in downtown Santiago, Chile. ©Carla Yovaye Perez from the series, Tiempo de Vals

April’s featured photographer is Carla Yovaye Pérez

Carla Yovaye is a social psychologist, photographer, audio-visual producer and filmmaker from Santiago, Chile. Currently working in research and production in various docu-reality TV series for national television.

The influence from studying psychology and from living and traveling around the world took her to focus on photography and begin documenting the different aspects of the human condition, covering themes such as: loneliness, male prostitution, immigration and drag queens.

Since then, she has actively participated in various photography workshops and exhibitions.

Tiempo de Vals

A photographic essay that captures intimate and sometimes stormy moments of male prostitutes and their male clients in the centre of Santiago de Chile. The sex industry is one of the oldest in the world, however, in our society we try to keep this reality out of sight. This is an essay that portrays a vision of a masculine world that is rarely documented. These images were taken inside motel rooms before and after they had sex with their clients. The images uncover traces of the human condition and its intangible feelings. I personally try to offer a thoughtful approach on the subject and these neglected people by society.

Gerson (24) has been a prostitute only for the past 6 months. He is making the bed he will use minutes later with a client. ©Carla Yovaye Pérez from the series, Tiempo de Vals
“Oso ” (Bear) is a street vendor in downtown Santiago and a frequent client of male prostitutes present in the neighbourhood. ©Carla Yovaye Pérez from the series, Tiempo de Vals
Gonzalo leaves the shower after having sex with a client during his lunch time. ©Carla Yovaye Pérez from the series, Tiempo de Vals
Many male prostitutes have been abandoned from their families during their childhood. As a result, this makes it difficult for them to establish strong emotional bonds that can go further from the ones. ©Carla Yovaye Pérez from the series, Tiempo de Vals
Claudio y Alex, prostitute and client respectively, hug after having sex. ©Carla Yovaye Pérez from the series, Tiempo de Vals
“Bear” and Andrés (client and prostitute) after a sexual encounter in the motel room. ©Carla Yovaye Pérez from the series, Tiempo de Vals
Gerson (24) is from Antuco, Chile and has been practicing prostitution only for a couple of months. ©Carla Yovaye Pérez from the series, Tiempo de Vals
Andrés (33) is from Valdivia, Chile. He began practicing prostitution when he was 16 after his mother went to jail for trafficking drugs. Andrés cuts himself to relief emotional pain. ©Carla Yovaye Pérez from the series, Tiempo de Vals
Patricio, male prostitute lying in bed after having sexual intercourse. ©Carla Yovaye Pérez from the series, Tiempo de Vals

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La fotógrafa del mes de Abril es Carla Yovaye Pérez

Carla Yovaye es psicóloga social, fotógrafa, productora audiovisual y cineasta radicada en Santiago, Chile. Actualmente trabaja en investigación y producción en varias series de documentales de televisión para la televisión nacional.

La influencia de haber estudiado psicología y de vivir y viajar por el mundo la llevó a centrarse en la fotografía y a documentar los diferentes aspectos de la condición humana, cubriendo temas como: soledad, prostitución masculina, inmigración y drag queens.

Desde entonces, ha participado activamente en varios talleres de fotografía y exposiciones.

Tiempo de Vals

Un ensayo fotográfico que captura momentos íntimos, ocultos y a veces tormentosos de hombres prostitutos y sus clientes masculinos en el centro de Santiago de Chile. La industria del sexo es una de las más antiguas del mundo, sin embargo, en nuestra sociedad tratamos de mantener esta realidad fuera de la vista.  Este es un ensayo que retrata una visión de un mundo masculino que rara vez está documentado. Estas imágenes fueron tomadas dentro de habitaciones de moteles antes y después de que ellos tuvieran relaciones sexuales con su cliente. Las imágenes descubren rastros de la condición humana y sus sentimientos intangibles. Personalmente trato de ofrecer un enfoque reflexivo sobre el tema y estas personas desatendidas por la sociedad.

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